Grazia Cozzi

Senior Portfolio Manager

Fixed income

Grazia is Head of Fund Management for EFGAM Switzerland and manages New Capital Sovereign Plus EUR and is the co-fund manager of New Capital Euro Value Credit Fund and New Capital Global Dynamic Bonds. She joined EFGAM in March 2017 as part of EFG International’s acquisition of BSI. At BSI, Grazia was Head of Mutual Funds since May 2012 and Head of Fixed Income since April 2008, having joined the bank in April 2007 as Head of EUR and CHF Bonds. Prior to joining BSI, she was Head of Fixed Income, Treasury & Forex at Aureo Gestioni in Milan (now BCC Risparmio & Previdenza), which she joined in 1998. 

Grazia has a degree in Economics at the University of Pavia, Italy, where she majored in political economics and econometrics.