Mozamil Afzal

Global CIO, Co-Head EFGAM and EFGAM (UK) CEO

Equity, Fixed income, Multi-asset, Alternative

Moz joined EFG Private Bank in 1994. He is the Global CIO of EFGAM and the CEO of EFGAM (UK). As Chairman of the EFGAM Asset Allocation Committee he has overall supervisory responsibility for the investment process. Moz manages New Capital Strategic Portfolio UCITS. He was appointed director and CIO of EFG Private Bank Limited in March 2003 and director of EFGAM in January 2000. In his previous capacity at EFG, Moz has held a number of roles and has been responsible for the management of a series of fixed income funds and portfolios as well as holding supervisory roles in a number of multi-manager long only and hedge funds.  

Moz holds a BSc in Mathematics from Middlesex University and an MBA from Aston University.

Podcast: Beyond the Benchmark

More than just your typical market analysis podcast, EFGAM'S CIO Moz Afzal goes Beyond the benchmark, delving into current topics and global trends with guests and experts from within EFG and further afield. The podcast is released fortnightly.


Insight Q3 2020

The 2020 global recession will be severe but the policy response has been quick and substantial. What can we expect next in economies, policies and politics?