Meet the Future Leaders Panel

Identifying Pioneers in Management

The Future Leaders Panel, comprising industry and academic experts, has been helping to develop a proprietary framework since 2018, to enable EFG Asset Management (EFGAM) to enhance its research process by better identifying visionary leaders in company management teams.

What is EFG Future Leaders?

Interview with Moz Afzal

Measuring successful management is not easily quantifiable or apparent from traditional company analysis – something which EFGAM seeks to accomplish with the panel.  We believe this is a truly unique initiative as the panel’s input will be directly linked to our investment process.

Moz Afzal

What's the concept?

Future Leaders are behind the successful companies of tomorrow. The management teams of such companies add significant value to the firms they operate. EFG has created the Future Leaders Panel to draw on the intellectual capital of experts in the fields (shown in diagram) to bolster its existing investment process and ultimately benefit its clients.

Benefits of the panel

  • Advance our equity investment research process
  • Reinforce our active management approach to investing
  • Add value for clients by offering them access to our panel’s unique insights and expertise

The panel

Selection of videos by our panel of experts

The importance of visualisation

Tara Swart explains that if you have prepared your brain for a given opportunity, it will be less threatening when the situation arises. Similarly, if you consistently visualise a given outcome, your brain is geared toward making this a reality.

Self-perpetuating bad habits

Freek Vermeulen talks about the film industry’s misconceptions about what makes movies sell.